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Jema International Photo Award

Waiting for, Edition II – 2020

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• Participants

Jema International Photo Award by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti is reserved to photographers, professionals and beginners, without any limits of age or nationality, who will present a photographic work that represents “waiting for” (see the following paragraphs for further specifications). Those who do not respect the terms and conditions for the presentation of the works established by this regulation will be excluded from the Award.

• Works

Jema International Photo Award– Waiting for is reserved for rigorously unpublished photographic works. Therefore, works published in whole or in part in any format will be excluded from the Award. Authors can participate in the Award with ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK.

• Photographic works submission

All those wishing to compete for the Award must send an e-mail to within March 20th, 2020 (date of the submission). It is not possible to ask for confirmation of receipt of the works submitted. Participants must attach to the e-mail:
1) the application form for the Award, filled in in all its parts. It is possible to download it at the end of this announcement or on the websites and
2) the chosen work to be nominated for the competition, complying with the technical specifications for which further specifications are below.

Photographic work features
candidates can submit a free theme photo (portraits, landscapes, abstract images, etc.) although it’s represented the idea of “wait” “waiting for”.

Waiting is often associated with passivity: letting time flow and being overwhelmed by apathy waiting for something. The word "wait", however, meaning "to stretch out, to aspire, to aim" towards something: expectation implies tension, movement, living and not letting oneself live. We would like to invite you to a rediscovered vision of time, in which the necessary moment of waiting becomes a precious resource to be fully exploited. The wine gives us important testimony: it dictates times and we, eager to taste it, have learned to consume that expectation with joy and conviviality, preparing ourselves for the right moment that nature imposes. This is the declination we want to give to the time of waiting: a necessary and fruitful preparation.

Technical requirements
1. The Photo should be saved as a .jpg file and it should be max 3MB (in case of selection you will be asked for a high-resolution photo file - 300 dpi, suitable for printing in exhibitions).
2. The file must be renamed as follows: SURNAME_NAME_WORKTITLE (es. White_James_TheTime.jpeg).

the photo must be accompanied by a short presentation text (min 5 lines, max 15 lines).

Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti will keep the participants informed through

• Titolarity, originality and dissemination of works

The presentation of a work in the competition, necessarily implies the total acceptance of the following conditions by participants:

1. The author gives his/her consent that the photo information, including name and description, may be shared with event partners and media, if his/her photo is selected among the finalists.

2. Participants relieve Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti from any responsibility about the ownership and originality of the presented work. Furthermore, participants ensure that the work is not a copy or a partial/entire modification of another art work of others.

3. The author ensures the unpublished condition of their work in the whole world and the exclusive ownership of the work by the author. They also have to prove that the photo hasn’t already presented in other competitions, while waiting for it to be evaluated.

4. The author accepts the publication of the work, if the latter is selected for the final exhibition.

The submission of the photographic work ensures the commitment not to withdraw it during the Award.

• Categories and awards

The competition is divided into two main sections of participation, Master and Open, to which is added a Special Editorial Mention. Below the specifications of the different sections:

Master category - Jema by Gerardo Cesari – Waiting for
The Master category of Jema International Photo Award – Waiting for is addressed to professional photographers. In this category, the works will be evaluated by a jury (jury members will be presented in section). The jury will select twenty finalists. All these twenty works will take part in the exhibition planned for April in Verona (location in the center of the city, still to define). Among these twenty works the jury will select the Award’s winner.

The winner of the Master Category:
- will have their photo exposed in a preferred position during the already mentioned exhibition;
- will be hosted, with a date of theirs, by Gerardo Cesari for a weekend;
- will receive 3 liters of Amarone with a plate

In any circumstance there will be a winner and the award won’t be shared between two or more works.

Open category - Jema by Gerardo Cesari – Waiting for
The Open category of Jema International Photo Award – Waiting for is addressed to beginner photographers. All the candidate works in this category will be put to a social vote on the Facebook profile of Gerardo Cesari. In particular, it will be created an album, renamed “Jema International Photo Award –Waiting for, Open category” where the organizing committee will upload all the candidate photos. People will vote the photos by Facebook reactions, each click corresponds to a vote. The ten most clicked photos by March the 20th, 2020, will be submitted to the evaluation of the jury and from this final vote will result three classified, awarded according to the following modalities:

- the first classified in the Open section will receive 3 liters of Amarone with a plate and his photo will participate in the final exhibition, together with the photos of the Master category.
- the second and third classified will also see the participation of their photo at the final exhibition of the Master category. Furthermore, a magnum bottle of Jema will be given to each one.
In any circumstance there will be a winner.

Special Editorial Mention
The Compagnia editoriale Aliberti editorial committee will assign a special mention to three photos. These photos may be selected from both the prize’s categories and they may be used as a cover image for future publications of the publishing house.

Special Mention to Accademia di Brera Photografy School
The jury will assign a special mention to one photo selected from works presented by students of the Accademia di Brera photography school.

• Selection committee

The selection committee, namely by now jury, will be composed by members, freely nominate by Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti:

Franco Fontana
1. Franco Fontana (presidente)
He approaches photography in the 1960s. In 1963 he exhibited at the Vienna’s Colour Biennal and in 1968 he has his first one-man show in Modena. He begins a long career studded with successful exhibitions and publications. In 2006 he received an honorary degree conferred by the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin. From the beginning, Fontana dedicated himself to landscape photography, enhancing colors and geometries, which is why his research has often been associated with painting. However, his works are exclusively born within the photographic language of which he has been exploring for years limits and possibilities.
Luca Telese
2. Luca Telese
was born on April 10, 1970 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Journalist and columnist (Corriere della Sera, Vanity Fair, Il Fatto Quotidiano among others), radio speaker (Radio 24), presenter (Especially known for talk shows on La7 and Mediaset networks), writer: La lunga Marcia di Sergio Cofferati (2003), Cuori neri (2006), Qualcuno era comunista (2009), La marchesa la villa e il cavaliere (2011), Gioventù amore e rabbia (2011), Cuori dopo cuori (2016) e Cuori contro (2017).
Andrea Delmonte
3. Andrea Delmonte
He is Comix’s editorial coordinator, Mondadori’s editor and author of many books.
Luca Sommi
4. Luca Sommi
was born in Parma. Journalist and television author, he deals with politics, art and literature. He has worked with Vittorio Sgarbi, he has curated many art exhibitions, one of which is dedicated to "Correggio" in Parma. Since 2005 he lives in Rome. He was the author of many programs, iHe worked for Rai and La7 networks. Journalist for "Il Fatto Quotidiano" and author of the program "La Confessione" conducted by Peter Gomez on channel Nove. On the same network he leads, together with Andrea Scanzi, "Accordi&Disaccordi" talk show. He directs the cultural site "I Fiori del male" and a series of non-fiction books for Aliberti editore. He teaches "Language of Journalism" at the University of Parma.
Alessandro Di Nuzzo
4. Alessandro Di Nuzzo
He is the Aliberti Lab’s creative director. Journalist, former cinema and theater press-office, writer, publisher. He graduated in modern literature, with a musical and theatrical training; he has always worked with publishing and cross-media communication, in a research that favors languages and disciplines interweaving. He published the novel "La stanza del principe", with which he won the 2015 Mazara del Vallo Award. He is one of the founders of trekking-yoga.
Viviana Nella Stagni
6. Viviana Nella Stagni
She was born in Milan but she is Veronese by adoption: at first she had an hospitality training in Alto Adige, then she obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Research in Verona. She attended AIS Courses and those of A.I.B.E.S in Milan, in 1995. Since 2003 she has worked for different realities, as responsible for communication and implementation of cultural events. She arrives in Cesari about 6 years ago, start developing the whole part dedicated to hospitality, to winery tasting and to events. Three languages, good nose, critical eye and a great passion for wine, of course Cesari (but not only!).
Angelo Falmi
6. Angelo Falmi
was born in Piacenza and since 2000 he teaches at the Brera Academy in Milan. He paints, organizes, puts artists in contact and creates international and national events. He loves beauty and good wine that combines diversity, if really exist!
Stefano Pizzi
6. Stefano Pizzi
Painter, born in Pavia in 1955. He studied at the High School and at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera where he is currently holder of one of the Chairs of Painting, Head of External Relations and member of the Board of Directors. Since the late 70s he animates the cultural needs, performed solo shows and was invited to national and international exhibitions. His works are in numerous public and private collections. He lives and works in Milan.

The system of analysis, selection and evaluation of the presented works will be unquestionably established by Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti with the collaboration of the technical jurors.

The longlist of the twentieth selected works will officially be announced in March 2020 on and, and released on social media and by public announcements.

The twenty selected works will take part to the Jema by Cesari – Waiting for exhibition, held in April in Verona. To these twenty works will be added the first three works classified in the Open category, the first of special editorial mention and the Special Mention to Accademia di Brera Photografy School.

The exhibition catalogue will be published by Compagnia editoriale Aliberti in digital format and released on the online stores.

The jury will choose the Master category winner among the twenty finalists. The decision of the jurors is final and no negotiation will be entered into with respect to any such decision. The winner of the Master category will be announced at the vernissage opening. The three classified of the Open category will be publicly announced one week before the exhibition.

Any jury decision will be secret.

Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti won’t respond to opinions related to works, showed by members of the jury, before and after the assignment of the Prize.

• Transfer of work rights

The winner of the Prize accepts to assign all the rights of the photographic work to Jema by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti for economic purposes in Italy. The author agree to give to the organizing committee an exclusive, irrevocable license for the use of the photo throughout the world on all media for any use purpose related to the promotion of the author and the Jema International Photo Award – Waiting for, including, but not limited to: printed publications, commerce, translation, audiovisual and cinematographic use, elaboration in an artistic or literary way, reproduction of single parts, union with other art works, electronic and online use, inclusion in databases, etc.

The authors of the selected photos commit to subscribe an application form to testify the correct formalization’s transfer of the rights about the work.

• Refund of works

Files won’t return to the authors who hasn’t won and it’ won’t be possible to ask a copy of evaluation forms about each work.

Although not expressly provided, this photographic Award must be considered to be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code. The literary competition, in particular, is not subjected to the regulation of Presidential Decree 430/2001, relating to the regulation concerning the protocol of competitions and prize operations, having as object the production of an artistic work, for which the awarding of the prize represents a recognition of personal merit and, consequently, the exclusion case referred to in art. 6 paragraph 1 letter a) of Presidential Decree 430/2001.

• Jema award – waiting for… to author, journalist or famous people

For the current edition of the Jema by Cesari Award, an award will be given to the personality of journalism, culture and entertainment related to the topic of wine and literature, arts, or photografhy. The jury will choose the winner among those who have represented in the best way the topic expressed in this announcement. The winner will be announced and awarded on the evening of the April 2020 event.

• Contacts